$255/$65 per month


Sign up for your diagnostic evaluation appointment and begin to fill out your ADHD assessment packet.

These questions will ask about ADHD symptoms in your childhood, at school, at work and how ADHD may impact your relationships and work life.

We will ask you about your mood, substance use and other medications you are taking.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Your psychiatric provider will review your packet of information prior to your 1st  session and will spend 50-60 minutes discussing your symptoms and collecting additional information that may be needed such as developmental history, social history, mental health history and medical history.  Your psychiatric and medical history are an important part of getting a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Monthly Follow up

Monthly appointments are required to fine-tune your medication.  Once you do not need medication changes, then your appointments may be scheduled every 2 or 3 months. Part of safe treatment are annual physical exams and laboratory work up. These are important and patients are encouraged to complete labs for ongoing treatment. Laboratory work up or urine drug testing may be requested during treatment.

60 minute comprehensive ADHD assessment: diagnostic scales, evaluation, medication $255

15 minute follow-up appt: monthly med check for medication changes $65 billed monthly following your evaluation

medication refill:  available monthly if an appointment is not needed

Focused Mind ADHD: Offering Comprehensive Diagnostic ADHD Evaluation and Treatment.

Focused Mind ADHD: Specializes in Diagnosing Adults (18 years and up).

 There are many ADHD treatment providers engaged in telemedicine.  Many have been deemed unsafe and are regarded as pill mills.  Some of these providers have lost their priviledges and pharmacies are not accepting their prescriptions.  Online services use inexperienced providers who are not psychiatric specialists or ADHD specialists. Many offer short 25 minute appointments which are deemed unsafe and are not considered to be the standard of psychiatric care according to APA (American Psychiatric Association). These providers  have very little if no psychiatric training.  Many telemedicine services have high turn-over.  Please use extreme caution when entrusting your mental health care to non-psychiatric providers. 

How does this work?



3) WE CONTINUE TO USE TELEMEDICINE FOR SAFE AND SECURE SESSIONS: You can also use your cell phone to talk to the provider if the connection is poor.

Do you accept health insurance?

We are not accepting health insurance at this time, but it can be used to pay for medication.

Health Savings Account: You can use your HSA credit card to pay for appointments. 

Cost of Medication: You can use your insurance to pay for your medication, if you have pharmacy benefits.  We can help submitting prior authorization if needed.

What are your prices?


Follow up care monthly appointments and refills $65 

What medication can you prescribe?

We use FDA-approved treatments and stay up to date on the latest ADHD treatment options.

Stimulants can be prescribed if deemed appropriate.  Extended release  stimulants such as Concerta, Vyvanse, Adderall XR are considered safer then immediate release stimulants.

How does telemedicine work?

After you schedule your appt, a link to get into your provider's virtual office is sent to you.  Show up for your appt via secure telemedicine link You can also use your cell phone to talk to the provider if the connection is poor. This link is a secure HIPAA-compliant line and meets privacy standards for psychiatric care. This is kind of like Zoom, but for medical appts.

You can use your link from your cell phone or laptop or tablet computer.  It works best with the Chrome browser. If you use another browser,  just click on it and test it out prior to the visit. It is your responsibility to be able to have working browser to sign in for your appointment.

Telemedicine appointments have been around for about 10 years, but have become much more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic.  Telemedicine has been a life-saver to people who live in rural towns and must travel long distances to get help. This safe and convenient method of seeing a psychiatrist has become the method of choice for many patients.  It is here to stay as we continue our journey together in this digital world.

How is Focused Mind different?

At Focused Mind Psychiatry we provide monthly provider follow up until you are feeling content with your treament and no longer need monthly appointments. 

Our nurse practitioners are dedicated to providing top quality care and follow up. Your communication is directly with your care provider and confidential. 

Monthly membership fees are only $65 per month and cover appointments to monitor for symptom changes and fine-tune treatment.

You will communicate with your provider directly when you have questions or refill requests.

For medical emergencies, call 911:

If you're having chest pain, shortness of breath, experiencing hives, severe anxiety or  suicidal thoughts, please go to your local ER. This type of situation requires immediate assistance.

For non-life-threatening side effects:

Email with any questions about medication side effects.  You can also send a message via personal messenger portal at any time.