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Focused Mind ADHD was launched by a board certified psychiatric NP Svetlana Zak to provide a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of ADHD. The mission is personalized patient centered care and satisfaction. Prior to getting a prescription there is a comprehensive assessment that includes a complete mental health history and ADHD assessment scales.

Please reach out and schedule your online evaluation to begin your treatment journey today.

You will fill out ADHD assessment scales which will be reviewed by your psychiatric provider prior and at your initial evaluation appointment.  A statement and questionare from family, partner or friend will be asked for to make sure your diagnosis is correct. 

Medication for ADHD is a life changing treatment option.  When medication is prescribed, monitoring such as a physical exam is needed annually to continue medication. Checking your weight, blood pressure and pulse an important part of your treatment.

Monthly medication follow up appointments are strongly encouraged for individuals who are starting their treatment and are require every 3 months to continue treatment.


ADHD diagnosis in adults requires a comprehensive assessment and a mental health history for optimal treatment. We take the time to make sure your diagnosis is correct prior to issue of prescription.


Psychiatric care from your home means easy to keep appts, easy to get medication, one less thing on your to do list, saves money and time, no transportation needed. 


Medication is prescribed after a diagnosis is issued.  FDA approved medication is prescribed in a manner that is safe and helps to treat your condition. 


Secure messaging with unlimited access is provided after your initial appointment.  Email with questions.


We can refer you to a counselor who specializes in ADHD.  Please let us know at your appointment or send an email to

Letters and Forms

Yes, we provide diagnosis reports or special accommodation letters and forms for school.  We charge a form fee  $100 to cover the time it requires to fill out the documents. You can pay for the form by clicking book now tab and choosing form option.

Managing Adult ADHD Symptoms Has Never Been Easier! Online Doctor Appointments Save You Time, Money & Energy.

For medical emergencies, dial 911:

If you're having chest pain, shortness of breath, experiencing hives or severe anxiety after taking medication, please go to your local ER.  This type of situation requires immediate assistance.

For non-life-threatening side effects, call us:

Medication side effects are common: dry mouth, dizziness, constipation are just a few of many.  For questions about side effects, please send a message via portal.