Online Psychiatric Practice Focused on You and ADHD

Focused Mind Psychiatry was launched by a board certified psychiatric NP Svetlana Zak, to provide affordable, accessible ADHD treatment. The mission at FMP is personalized patient centered care and satisfaction. FMP is not based on a business model of healthcare and is not profit driven. Why is this important to you as a patient? We do not accept patients unless we have the time to devote to helping them achieve their goals. We keep our fees low and provide only the highest quality care.

It only takes a few minutes to perform a brief online assessment and book your session. After booking, you will be sent a form requesting important information such as reason for appointment, medications you are taking and your past experience with mental health care.

Your provider is an expert in diagnosing psychiatric conditions and will work with you to make sure your diagnosis is correct and the treatment meets your goals.  We believe in a shared decision making model of healthcare.  We collaborate with you to get to a treatment plan that you are happy with.

If you are in New York, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Bronx , Westchester and Rockland counties, we use Capsule pharmacy to deliver to your house.  This is the best option for getting medication in these areas of NY.  Some areas do not have Capsule, so you may need to go to a retail pharmacy or use another delivery service.

You will have access to the portal and be able to schedule your follow up med check as you see fit.  We recommend  2-4 weeks.  If there are immediate concerns with your medication,  you can also email or send a message via portal.

Did an important meeting come up and you cannot make your appointment? Or you found a great deal on a vacation? No problem!  We got you.  Just send a message through the portal or email and be sure to cancel 48 hours prior your appointment.  Let us know if you need to request a refill and re-book for following month.


Exceptional care at fare prices.  We used to do 30 and 45 minute appointments and charge less.  We now realize these are too short for a proper psychiatric assessment and have updated our prices and appointment times. 


Psychiatric care from your home means easy to keep appts, easy to get medication, one less thing on your to do list, saves money and time, no transportation needed. 


All medication is prescribed as long as it's safe and helps to treat your condition. 


Secure messaging with unlimited access is provided after your initial appointment.  Email with questions.


We can refer you to a counselor who specializes in ADHD.  Please let us know at your appointment or send an email to

Letters and Forms

Yes, we provide diagnosis reports or special accommodation letters and forms for school.  We charge a form fee  $100 to cover the time it requires to fill out the documents. You can pay for the form by clicking book now tab and choosing form option.

Managing Adult ADHD Symptoms Has Never Been Easier! Online Doctor Appointments Save You Time, Money & Energy.

For medical emergencies, dial 911:

If you're having chest pain, shortness of breath, experiencing hives or severe anxiety after taking medication, please go to your local ER.  This type of situation requires immediate assistance.

For non-life-threatening side effects, call us:

Medication side effects are common: dry mouth, dizziness, constipation are just a few of many.  For questions about side effects, please send a message via portal.